News Recap [Part 2]


Hyun Young Has a Baby

Back in March singer, and entertainer Hyun Young got married, and on August 16th (15th in the US) she gave birth to a baby.

Ooh La La Session Will Be Temporarily Leaving Immortal Song 2

Ooh La La Session will be starting their fist solo concert on August 25th until October, and will be touring, Busan, Daegu, Daejun, Gwangju. The group released this statement about their mini hiatus:

During our concert period, we plan on taking a break from ‘Immortal Song 2′

The Wonder Girls will Perform at the iHeartRadio Theater

On September 5th, the Wonder Girls will be performing at the iHeartRadio Theater in NYC. Only 200 tickets are available, to enter for a chance to win tickets click: WG

Ha Ha has Press Conference for Wedding

To be honest, starting from when I became thirty, in addition to the influence from my hyungs and my friends, I had decided to put my life’s focus on creating a happy family. I thought about marriage, and I wanted to get married fast and live a stable and comfortable life.I wanted to get married quickly and create a family fast. Since a while ago, I would joke with Byul, ‘You’re going to end up marrying me.’ Because we were both single, I started off asking Go Eun (Byul) about marriage rather than dating….Although I’m living as Haroro, I’m 34 years old in reality. I have many friends that have two or more kids and unfortunately one that’s divorced. Anyways, I’m at the optimal age for marriage. After the articles were published, I think many suffered from a mental shock rather than remembering to send messages of congratulations, but I expected that. I am also quite bewildered myself.”

She has many things that I don’t have. She’s modest, cute, innocent, and sexy. She sings really well too. And most of all, she’s very good to her parents. She’s a good daughter. I am not so good to my parents but she’s very good to them. I thought to myself that I could marry a woman like her.”

Ha Ha was asked about his pet name for his future wife: “yeobo” = “honey/darling”

“Byul is quite shy, so I tried to get her used to the term by calling her ‘yeobo’ first… Byul naturally started calling me ‘yeobo’ as well. It’s not that we’re calling each other ‘yeobo’ in a serious sense, but more in a cute way.”

He also confirmed it was not a ‘shotgun’ wedding:

It is definitely not a shotgun wedding.”

Like I said on ‘Happy Together‘, because I am only human, I want to do racy things and am at an age where I should be. It’s hard for me as a man….I don’t want to go into details, but we’ve never gone all the way….It is definitely not a shotgun wedding, and I plan on spending quite an erotic time during our honeymoon.”


Byul to Join Ha Ha’s Agency

It was revealed that Byul will be joining her fiance Ha Ha’s agency, and will be releasing a album under the company soon.

“Our agency is like a family. If she marries HaHa then of course the two of them will work together.“ They continued, “Byul is preparing to hopefully release an album in October before the wedding…Byul is planning to release an album with my agency soon. All of the preparations have been completed.

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