My Take on the T-ara Controversy

Right now T-ara is probably the most talked about group in Kpop right now, not for their music, but for the departure of member Hwayoung, and rumors of bullying, and rifts within the group. I have been reading article after article about this controversy, and I’ve read a variety of opinions about the girls of T-ara, and the public’s reactions. Now that all the news about this is out and about I figure why not share my thoughts.

The Bullying Rumor

This is without a doubt the biggest issue in this whole T-ara controversy. Fans have been up in arms about rumored bullying within the group after T-ara members, Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon, took to Twitter to publicly criticize member, Hwayoung, for her performance at their 1st Japanese concert.

I DO NOT CARE what anyone says about this Twitter matter, wrong is wrong, and this was wrong. Any problems they had with a fellow band member should have been kept within the group. I feel that by going to something as public as Twitter, they were trying to pick on her. Maybe they thought fans would join in, and agree with them because that is the only reason I can think for them publicly criticizing her.

Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon made it worse for themselves more than anything else because they looked, and sounded like bullies. However, I am not calling them bullies by any means. I have had to deal with bullies in my life, and the name is becoming a term people throw around. I have yet to read, hear, or see any real, solid, and undeniable evidence that the members were tormenting Hwayoung, and until that happens I refuse to call them bullies, but I will say the actions I’ve seen from them is very cliquey and immature.

Hwayoung’s Spoiled Brat Behavior

Let me be straight. I don’t believe this at all. I absolutely DO NOT believe Core Contents Media’s claim that Hwayoung’s behavior was the reason for her being removed from the group. I don’t believe the staff complained, I don’t believe T-ara members fought to have her stay in the group, I just don’t believe it. My personal theory, is that CEO Kim Kwang Soo said this to ease the wave of anger from fans, but it didn’t work.

What’s my reason for believing this? The witnesses, and staff that have come forward in defense of Hwayoung. Whether you like them or not, T-ara is one of the most popular Kpop acts right now, and I find it hard to believe that someone who makes their living, working in the Korean entertainment industry would publicly go against T-ara and their agency, and potential put their ability to work at risk unless it is common knowledge, and belief in the industry, that what CEO Kim Kwang Soo was saying, and doing was a complete, and utter lie.

The Public’s Reaction

I am not liking how the public is behaving towards T-ara in reaction to this whole thing. I get it, they don’t like bullying, I mean no one in their right mind would condone it, but its shocking how quickly this anti T-ara movement started.

I can understand companies pulling T-ara as their spokesmodels. They don’t want the negativity to effect their company, and thats perfectly fine, and understandable. But as said before my problem with the reaction to T-ara lies with fans.

1. The anger at broadcast channels, and TV Shows for airing T-ara on their programs.

T-ara appeared on the August 4th episode of MBC Quiz to Change the World, and fans took to the internet to criticize the show’s producers making comments like:

How could you let T-ara air on television?”

The production staff needs to apologize immediately”

What is going on? What do you mean T-ara was on the broadcast?”

It seems as if the production crew is very brazen”

What are you thinking? To think nothing at all was edited”

On the August 6th episode of KBS 2 Crisis Escape No. 1 fans were upset to see T-ara’s parts aired on the show, and again left comments online in protest:

It was uncomfortable to watch the episode that didn’t edit out the celebrities in the middle of a controversy”

I was watching with my children but I changed the channel because T-ara came on”

“Are you underestimating the viewers?”

I will give credit to some viewers for being reasonable and saying:

 “I think the viewers are being too harsh when there is no real proof about bullying”

I think it was hard for them to edit it because they had already filmed it a while ago.”

This is just unreasonable. We all know T-ara has gone on hiatus since this whole thing started, so whatever shows they appear on are obviously pre-recorded. To get angry at the TV Shows for airing T-ara’s parts is unfair, T-ara was their guest and to edit them out would probably mean canceling the episode all together, with no back up.

2. Egging Core Contents Media Building

WTH?! On August 3rd JTBC aired an exclusive clip of two fans egging the CCM building. They gave their reason for egging the building, as well as their feelings about the T-ara controversy. One fan said:

Kim Kwang Soo managed them wrong. Increasing T-ara into seven members was the problem.”

While another expressed:

I don’t like T-ara getting bashed like this.”

I just feel this is so unnecessary. Egging the building does nothing. They’re turning their anger on CCM saying its their fault T-ara is being criticized because they added a member to the group, and they didn’t manage them well, but I say that’s bull. The members’ actions did play a major role in how big this whole thing got. No one would have cried bully if they hadn’t taken to Twitter with the public ‘attacks.’

Final Thoughts

I mentioned earlier that I do not trust everything, or anything that CCM, and CEO Kim Kwang Soo has said about Hwayoung, and T-ara, and the group’s dynamic. I believe actions speak louder than words, as most people would agree, and I have not seen any action from CCM that shows me what they’re saying is true.

What I am talking about is the bullying rumor. I feel that if CCM really wanted to prove that their is no bullying going on, they would have had Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon apologize for their comments on Twitter, rather than try to push some bull excuse that their Twitter accounts were all hacked…at the same time…as if fans have no common sense.

I had been losing interest in T-ara for a while because their music hasn’t been evolving, but I don’t hate them like some fans have started to do. I will just continue to be indifferent to the group.

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