News Recap [Part 1]

Hello Asia 24/7 Readers!

I’m back from Canada, and I see I’ve missed a quite a bit of news, and music releases. I will being doing a quick recap of the top stories that took place while I was gone.


  • A Source Close to Kim Jong Min Reveals he Does Have a Girlfriend:

It is true that he has a girlfriend. They have not been dating that long, and she is as beautiful as any celebrity.I have not personally met [his girlfriend], but I heard that he does have one, and I learned that she was a model after reading the articles,” the source continued. “I have not heard anything about her career in detail.He has such an easy going and honest personality that if his girlfriend does not highly object, I predict that he will use this an opportunity to go public with his relationship.

  • Jang Geun Suk Gets Criticized for his Comments About Sasaeng Fans:

Jang Geun Suk made these comments on Weibo about sasaeng fans that had been following him in China:

“I told you guys not to drive over the center line, but you guys are really not listening to me….The public security officers keep telling me to leave due to safety reasons. Let’s please take it easy. If this continues, I will not be permitted to perform here. I will not be able to come to China.”

Chinese media twisted his words and made it seem as though he was cursing Chinese fans.

  • Kara Requires a Black Tie Dress Code for Their Showcase:

Kara posted on their official website that fans will have to dress in black tie dress code in order to enter their comeback showcase for “Pandora.”:

We decided to have a dress code so we could become one with our fans”


  • Ryu Seung Bum & Gong Hyo Jin End 10 year Relationship

Actress Gong Hyo Jin, and Actor Ryu Seung Bum have been dating each other for 10 years after meeting on the  but revealed they would be splitting.

It is true that Ryu Seung Bum and Gong Hyo Jin have broken up. They have decided to remain friends. We’re currently planning on releasing an official statement soon.”

  • Ha Ha & Byul Announce Marriage:

After 6 moths of dating entertainer Ha Ha, and singer Byul announced they will be getting married in November. Despite dating for such a short time they have known each other for 7-8 years.

Also, MBC created a playlist for the couples marriage announcement.

  • Nelly Furtado Reveals She Wants to Collaborate with Big Bang’s T.O.P:

While in Singapore Nelly Furtado was asked about Kpop and Jpop, and the “Gangnam Style” sensation, and she revealed she wants to do a collaboration with Big Bang rapper, T.O.P. She had this to say about a Kpop/Jpop collabo:

We’ll see what happens. But I do foresee a collaboration of some kind with K-Pop or J-Pop. I definitely do love what they’re doing.”

  • Psy Joins Twitter:

Psy’s Twitter

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