Hello Asia 24/7 readers & followers!

I’m going on vacation to Toronto, Ontario, Canada! I will be away from August 15th to 20th, and I don’t know if I will have Internet access the whole time, so I have scheduled a few things to post while I am gone. This also means I might not be able to post news as it happens.

You can go to AKPF for all the latest headlines.

As I shared before, there is a problem with Twitter, and it isn’t posting to Facebook anymore. I have set up an RSS Feed, that should share whatever is on the main site, but it will not go up immediately. It may be delayed a few minutes.

Be sure to check the main site ( regularly so not to miss all the new stuff.

For the 6 days I’m gone I will be posting Asia 24/7 features, which are ‘Who Wore It Better?,’ ‘Celebrity Profiles,’ ‘Music Video Corners,’ ‘Korean Language Lessons,’ and ‘Culture Shocks.’ To see upcoming features click on one of the links below, and look for ‘POST DATES.’

Celebrity Profiles

Music Video Corner

Korean Language Lesson

Culture Shock

Be sure to visit Asia 24/7’s other sites:

Asia 24/7 Twitter

Asia 24/7 Facebook

Asia 24/7 Tumblr

Asia 24/7 Youtube


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