Xiah Junsu Releases 1st Teaser for “Uncommitted”


Xiah of JYJ will be releasing English single, “Uncommitted” for his US Tour, set to start on August 30th. He has finally released his first teaser for new song “Uncommitted.” It shows Xiah and a girl standing, and hugging each other as his song plays. It’s nothing super fancy, but his voice is 😀 hotness!

In the video’s description C-Jes Entertainment explained the meaning of Xiah’s new song:

“This music video is showing delicate feelings of a man who swears he’d love only one girl. In this first MV teaser, you can see what “UNCOMMITTED”means through actor’s eyes. He(XIA) thinks about another girl even he is with his girl friend.. she just wants to believe his pure love. Who is “UNCOMMITTED”in this music video? Is she saying this word to him? Or Is he saying this word to himself? “

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