Seo In Young to Make a Comeback

This photo of Seo In Young with bleach blond hair, with pink streaks, was posted on an online community with this caption:

“Seo In Young’s comeback imminent? Untouched cola-bottle body.”

It has now been revealed that Seo In Young will finally be returning to the staged. She is aiming to make a comeback by the end of August.

This will be her first comeback since November 2011, and since she established her own agency. Back in May her contract with her agency Star Empire expired, and she and her father established, Seo In Young Company.

A rep for Seo In Young released this statement about her comeback:

“Her goal is to have it released by the end of August. Whether she will promote it on music programs or not still hasn’t been decided. It will be a dance track that shows a different image than previously shown.”


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