Korean Celebrities Add Their 2 Cents to the Hwayoung CCM Controversy


The recent controversy about Hwayoung, and Core Contents Media is sweeping every news site, as well as the entertainment industry. As expected, quite a few celebrities have taken to Twitter to share their opinion on the recent hot topic.

Kahi’s comment is not confirmed to be about this topic, but it has been assumed.

Shin Hyun Jun, actor:

“Outcast… A cowardly murderer with no face. If you cause pain to someone, you will receive a greater pain. It is a great thing when good things happen to people around me.”

Kahi, former After School leader: 

“Either way, it doesn’t seem like someone else′s business.”

E.Via, rapper:

“T Jinyo just doesn’t seem right. Is witch-hunting your hobby? I, too, feel terrible for that person and am curious for the truth, but doing something like will only increase the number of people in pain. Let’s put a limit to our curiosity. Are we going to say, ‘Oh shoot,’ after another person commits suicide?”

“I know [bullying] is something that shouldn’t be done, but I want to say that leading to witch-hunting should not happen either.” 

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japanese singer:

“Outcasts are no good. Really low”

Lee Mal Nyun, webtoon artist:

“T-ara, you b*tches, all of the Olympics articles are buried because of you. I’m f**king pissed off.”

Lee Ji Hye, former member of S#arp:

“S#arp broke up because of constant disagreements, but because only one member has left T-ara, it’s a bit hard to talk about the matter.” 

“It might be true, it might be false, but I believe that everyone is a victim and a wrongdoer. Not only is Hwa Young in pain, but all of the members are.” 

“Are you in pain? Call unnie.” 

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