SBS & MBC Defend Hwayoung… + Japanese Staff Vouches for Hwayoung

After CCM announced that Hwayoung has been fire SBS, and MBC producers took to Twitter and Facebook to side with Hwayoung. Ryu Chul Min, SBS producer, posted this message on both Twitter and Facebook:

“Oh Hwa Young TT_TT I promise not to cast T-ara again.” 

On Facebook MBC producer, Lee Sang Yub, responded

“Oh, then me too, hehe.” 

The messages were deleted soon after but due to the laughing symbols in the messages fans are wondering how serious they were. Also, after the news of Hwayoung’s departure a Japanese staff member who worked for the group as an interpreter tweeted about Hwayoung’s behavior when she worked with her:

“When I was with T-ara as an interpreter and magazine assistant, I noticed that Hwa Young never really talked with anyone and was very quiet. She just did her work. To us staff, however, she always showed a smiling face. She gave the best impression out of all the members. I heard that she seemed to feel like a stranger because she was a new member, so I tried to make her feel comfortable. She still seemed weak, so I thought perhaps she wasn’t getting along well with her members. Unfortunately, I guess in showbiz the idols with strong personalities live on while the kind and friendly ones find it hard to do so.”

Have you taken a side? Do you think CCM is lying about Hwayoung’s behavior to make her look bad? Tell me in the comments below, and check back for more information as it is released.

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