Another Insider’s Example of the Relationship Between Hwayoung & T-ara

With all these stories floating around from Core Contents Media about Hwayoung being a terror to her group mates, and staff, insiders are coming forth with their own stories of Hwayoung’s true behavior as well as how she was treated.

Earlier, a former back up dancer for T-ara posted her account of a time when the tensions got so high among the girls that Jiyeon even slapped Hwayoung in the face.

I am a member of Hot Chicks, an exclusive dance team for T-ara, and am also working withDavichiKARABrown Eyed GirlsRainbow Pixie, and more.

It was around the time the Japanese concert took place. We were getting big with our “Lovey Dovey” shuffle dance after Hwayoung was admitted, and getting ready to perform “Roly Poly” for our year-end performance.

During one of the rehearsals, it was a situation where Kwang Soo had jam-packed our schedules, so both the dancers and the members of T-ara who had just completed their day’s work were extremely sensitive and on edge.

Still, everyone was mustering up their last bit of strength and practicing, when Hwayoung messed up a little bit of the choreography.

Seeing this, Jiyeon and Soyeon then sarcastically scoffed at her, saying, ‘Since you already decided to join, you should maybe work a little harder.’

Hwayoung then became a little depressed, but the dance leader mediated the situation and the rehearsal resumed.

But Hwayoung maintained an uncomfortable expression on her face, and Jiyeon who saw this slapped Hwayoung across the cheek and told her that because she had come in late to the already-established group T-ara, she needed to act sensibly and to rehearse without that expression on her face.

The atmosphere became extremely tense, and Hyomin took Jiyeon outside, telling her that she should just be the bigger person.

Even after Hwayoung’s ‘exposure’ incident, everyone was indifferent towards her, rather than comforting.

After the incident, T-ara went on hiatus to prepare for “Day By Day” and because of events with Davichi and Brown Eyed Girls, I could only see T-ara on TV.

Seeing them on the small-screen, I thought that the girls’ relationship with Hwayoung had improved, but these girls who are all grown don’t want to sit by her in the car so they blatantly play rock paper scissors right in front of her face.”

What do you think of the former backup dancer’s account? Does it change your stance on the situation?

Stay tuned in to Asia 24/7 for more on this controversy.

8 thoughts on “Another Insider’s Example of the Relationship Between Hwayoung & T-ara

  1. i think it’s not good for someone slapping… And she’s slapping her friend… Don’t act too much,just because you’re the original member.. It would be bad for your reputation yourself and for the group… People sometimes do a mistake.. Remember that!!…

    1. i agree, people make mistakes, but the thing that takes it to the next level is the public attacks. there is absolutely no need for the members to go on Twitter, in front of their fans, to insult Hwayoung. I think that’s where people are drawing the line.

    1. it seems like CCM adds members every time the members get out of hand, and Hwayoung was one of them. I get the sense they resent her for that. From the stories I’ve been reading that seems to be it, but I am also sensing there is a lot more to this whole thing. I mean who is to say they don’t treat Dani, and Ahreum like this?

      1. I know. Why single her out. I’m now worried about t-ara. Hwayoung had the first rap in day by day. How are they gonna proceed?

        Hold on.. Every time they get out of hand, they add a new member?! That makes no sense!!! Would that make things worse? They have an extra body to take care of besides the team members? *sigh

      2. i think they just had eunjung, and hyomin learn her rap since they are rappers too.
        by adding a new member its like CCM’s way of saying, ‘hey if you don’t get it together you can be replaced, and here’s the proof’
        people were thinking that’s why they added Ahreum, and Dani, because the attitude controversies were continuing.

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