More Twitter Drama With T-ara

In the last week T-ara, and Core Contents Media has been grabbing a lot of attention with the attacks on Hwayoung, and the promised of a major announcement regarding T-ara. Since the announcement from CCM, T-ara hasn’t failed to keep up with the drama.

First Hwayoung posted this picture, and message on her Twitter:

 “Ryu! Thanks for being by my side. I love you”

On the morning of July 28th Hwayoung posted this message on Twitter:

“The support of my family and my fans is worth so much to me. Please watch over me.”

In addition to these vague messages from Hwayoung, fans have been wondering the meaning behind her sister, Hyoyoung’s tweet.

“What does it matter if your face is pretty. It’s your heart that has to be pretty. Is a person who is unwell, not a person? I’m hurting too. I want to seriously cry. I should just practice instead..”

Later on T-ara’s Hyomin changed her profile photo to a picture with cut off words,

but it didn’t take long for netizens to discover the picture it came from as well as the message:

“There’s a reason for everything.” 

To top all that off, member Boram unfollowed Hwayoung on Twitter, which caused even more of a stir among fans.

With all this going on between the members fans are itching to find out the announcement CCM has about T-ara. Allkpop revealed some of the theories that people inside the industry believe the announcement will be:

1. CCM forced both nip-slip incidents as a publicity stunt
2. Member Jiyeon’s live strip cam incident in the past was leaked by CCM on purpose, and then covered up by CCM because Jiyeon was misbehaving, to teach her a lesson (i.e. we can ruin your career if you don’t follow orders)
3. The big announcement is either that Hwayoung is going to be kicked out of the group or that it may even be Jiyeon, because she is still “misbehaving”
4. The big announcement may possibly be that T-ara is disbanding completely.
5. All of this is another major publicity stunt for an upcoming event or promotion

The announcement from CCM will be made on July 30th at 1pm KST. Check back on Asia 24/7 later to find out the announce about T-ara.

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