JeA to Release Solo Album

Brown Eyed Girls’ leader, JeA, will be releasing her first solo album this year thus becoming the last member of the group to start a solo career.

“I’ve been preparing my solo album for a fairly long time. I’m thinking this year I’ll be able to stand alone onstage as a solo singer…Everyone’s preparing her own thing, but we’ll be able to release an album as Brown Eyed Girls early next year. Please support the members that will continue to work hard in their own areas this year…Ever since I started singing solo, I’ve realized how important exercise is. It’s not easy to sing one song all by myself since I’m used to dividing it among the members. I’m investing a lot of time into vocal practice along with exercise to put on a great performance. I won’t forget my roots as a singer, and how we started off as a vocalist group.”

There is no exact dates, but you can expect her album at the end of the year. Check back on Asia 24/7 for more info on JeA’s solo debut.

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