Review: “Sexy, Free & Single”

I am going to start this review off with a warning. Die-hard E.L.Fs beware, continue with caution or turn away now because I guarantee, you are not going to like what I have to say. I tried to review every song on this album, but I realized I was getting repetitive so I am only going to cover the song that I really liked, and the ones I really hated.

Sexy, Free & Single

Let me start off with the title track, “Sexy, Free & Single.”

The teaser video really tricked me. I thought this song would just be another twist on their last three title songs, but boy was I wrong (and not in a good way). I would have much rather they had kept with the old and released another “Sorry, Sorry-Bonamana-Mr. Simple”-esque song, then, I would at least have a good dance song.


The Music Video

I held off on finishing this review until the MV was released, thinking maybe it would change my mind about the song, but I was completely wrong AGAIN. This video makes no sense to me. I just don’t get the connection between the video concept and the song title. When I hear the phrase “Sexy, Free & Single” I think of Super Junior out and about prowling for a hot date to paint the town red, and cause a muck with, but no. SM and Super Junior interpreted this phrase as dancing on sets with a bunch metal honeycombs, or upside down stairs. The video sets give the sense they are in some wasteland, and their the only people left. What that has to with being “Sexy, Free & Single and ready to mingle” is a mystery to me.

The Wardrobe

Leetuk’s slave costume was really weird to say the least. Leetuk, and Siwon’s outfits look like some E.L.F’s caught them and dressed up for their pleasure.

Kyuhyun’s collar looked like it wasn’t finished in time for the video, and they just slapped it on him anyway.

Am I the only one who was reminded of Fat Cat when I saw Sungmin? I can’t be the only one!

Other than these weird costumes Super Junior’s wardrobe is pretty standard with jeans, t-shirts, baggy pant, and leather.

The English

My main problem with the English in this song is that the line, “and I’m ready to mingle” sounds like “and I’m ready to bingle” and I’ve been told that it even sounds like they said “Pringle.” It’s just ridiculous.

From U

“From U” is Super Junior’s thank you track to their fans, the E.L.Fs. This was my favorite song from the album (aka the only good song on this album). I loved this because it made me think of S.M the Ballad and their top-notch album, “Miss You”. One of things S.M actually does well,  is produce good soulful sounding ballads and that shined through with this song.

Though I did loved this song it sounded like it was K.R.Y featuring Eunhyuk with the rest of Super Junior as their back up singers. This makes me ask, how can you have a thank you song for you fans that doesn’t showcase all the members?


This song was Eunhyuk’s attempt to bring the rappers to the forefront, and though I love Eunhyuk, I hate this song because basically this song is annoying to listen to.

1. During the “chorus” when they are spelling Super Junior, it sound like they are spelling junior “J-N-I-O-R.” Honestly the E in super sounds like a t but I am giving them a pass on that.

2. OMG! The hook, them just kept repeating “Gulliver, Gulliver, Gu-Gu, Gulliver” is nothing short of annoying. It didn’t add anything positive to the song.

3. I think the most the annoying part of this song is the ending when the song is slowed way down then everything sped up like it was on fast-forward! Its jarring, and strange.

I wish I could think of another word to use when describing this song, but annoying seems to be the only perfect fit.


I read an article on ningin where “Rockstar” was compared to “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. When I first read it I thought “no way! I would have heard that,” but damn I have to say after listening to the songs one after the other “Rockstar” does sound like it was inspired by the chart toping party anthem.

I don’t have much to say about this song, except that “Sexy and I Know It” was way, way better!

Wrap Up

To put it simply this album is the definition of rushed. This isn’t even a case of “title syndrome,” which usually plagues SM artists. This album was plain BAD, and I am actually shocked by Super Junior. Not all there music has been superb but I could always rely on them to give me at the very least a good dance song from their title song. I get that they just got Kang In back and Leetuk is going to be leaving soon but they could have worked on this album just a little longer.

One of the most disappointing parts of the album is the lack of Kang In. In Super Junior he is my #1, and when I found out he would be participating in this album I was super pumped to hear his voice on a Super Junior album again after 2 years! He was really neglected in the title song, and as the song they will be performing, I would like to see and hear all the members.

The thing that bothers me more than anything about “Sexy, Free & Single” is that it is just one more album from Super Junior where the parts aren’t evenly distributed among the members. How is the world can Shindong NOT HAVE ONE SOLO PART in their title track? THEIR TITLE TRACK! The song they’re promoting, and performing!! I thought that it was ridiculous having him just do the background sounds by himself as his solo part in their past songs but now he has completely been ignored!

The saddest part is I know that E.L.Fs will be sure to have Super Junior ranking #1 on every chart and winning every award they can, but they just don’t deserve it for this album.

Overall Rating: 1/5

For having only one memorable song out of a whopping 10 BRAND NEW SONGS, for not distributing the lines evenly, and not giving Shindong and appropriate part in their title song, and for obviously rushing this album, I had to give them this score.

Listen to the album yourself here: Sexy, Free & Single

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