Idol Spotlight: Hyoyeon, Yubin & Yonghwa

A lot of times I will notice an idol, boy or girl who is looking really good, and doing well. “Idol Spotlight” is an Asia 24/7 feature where I spotlight idol stars who are on the top their game at the time.

The first edition of “Idol Spotlight” is going to be on Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Wonder Girls’ Yubin, and C.N Blue’s Yonghwa. Lately these three have been looking really good! They all look fit, healthy, and happy.

First up is Yonghwa. He is currently on hiatus with his group C.N Blue, but has been focusing on their next album and also working out and getting fit. His efforts are really paying off as he has been getting attention for his new and improved toned body. In Juniel’s MV teasers for her debut album “Fool” fans were gushing over a glimpse of Yonghwa’s toned arm. I recently saw him when he joined labelmate, Juniel, for her SBS Inkigayo debut stage, and I was swooning over how good he was looking! His new look has me really excited for his return to the stage.

Next is Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon has been the dark horse of the group for a while, but recently she has had all eyes on her. She has been getting a lot of attention for her incredible dancing skills on which have earned her the win on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ plus she is getting even more love since ‘Dancing With the Stars 2.’ She’s had fans talking about how she seems to have gotten prettier. Her sunbae, Minwoo of legendary idol group Shinhwa, even dubbed her as the next BoA saying: “I’m a Girls’ Generation fan. I especially paid attention to Hyoyeon because she danced so well even when she was young and I thought she was the next BoAIt’s good to see that Hyoyeon is achieving her dreams.” I saw a picture of her posing for pictures for an ad, and I she was stunning. Hyoyeon has always been my favorite SNSD member, and felt that she was pushed to the background many times in her group, and its nice to see her coming into her own, and I’m pumped to see her do more.

Last but not least is Wonder Girls’ rapper Yubin. Yubin has been on the top her game since the start of 2012. She was named the #20 Sexiest Musician Under 25 by American lifestyle, and music website Complex in April. She has been praised for her incredibly toned body, and prefect abs all year long. In June her sunbae, rapper Tiger JK expressed his desire to work with her saying: “If I work with Yubin, I believe we could make a ground-breaking and sensational work together.” I have been a fan of Yubin forever, and her recent transformation has me loving her more.


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