The Kpop Debut Boom: Who is Making an Impression?

Lately it seems like there is a new group making their debut or about to debut every other week, and I am sure I am not the only one getting tired of it! Honestly, I don’t care how many groups want to debut in a month but when its group after group just trying to get their piece of the “Hallyu Wave” pie by making lack luster debuts it gets annoying to say the least.

In 2011 more than 60 groups debuted, and so far in 2012 more than 60 groups have debuted or are getting ready to debut. These groups have had a variety of different responses from the public, and that’s where I come in.

This will be a multiple part article where I will go through some of the groups/artist that have debuted since 2011 and give my opinion on which groups show real potential as well as share which groups have been holding their own despite their wave of rookie debut competition. (**This is not done is any specific order**)

First up is….

Block B

They are hands down my favorite group to debut since 2011. I admit I didn’t take an interest in them at first, but after I saw a clip of their MV on TV I was sold. I am sucker for Hip Hip and a swagger-packed image, and Block B delivers big time!

The Members

Leader Zico has the “force to be reckoned with” persona that I love in CL & G-Dragon, and was the reason I was drawn to the group. His deep voice and natural swag is the best part of anything Block B does.

Then we have P.O! Super deep-voiced, baby-faced, bad boy P.O. Immediately after I saw, and heard P.O in “Freeze” I was a fan, plus he is the only other member who can really hold his own when next to Zico, so what’s not to love about that?

Next is Kyung the groups 3rd rapper. He is just cute! He can rap, he has his own swag but he cuts the hardness with his cuteness, and I love it.

B-Bomb, or as I call him Jung Gyu Woon 2.0 (HE LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!!!! I don’t care what you say!), has charisma! Even though he is a vocalist he has a strong presence like the rappers of the group, and I love that most about him. I like that he doesn’t fade away in the group being one of 4 vocalist, and having to compete with personalities like Zico’s and P.O’s.

Jaehyo is the 1st and only member of Block B I’ve ever seen on a TV program. The main reason he sticks out to me is because when he appeared on KBS ‘Oh! My School’ he was able to slam every other male idol in the arm wrestling challenge despite being the skinniest. Though I was impressed with his strength, and his variety skills he was still not enough to get me to take interest in Block B.

Taeil is the cute dork of the group, and I am sorry to say but he really lacks a presence in the group. His bowl cut hairdo made more of an impact in “Nanrina” than he did, and I feel bad saying it but I have to be honest. He has a good voice, but I wish he had more charisma, and presence. He is letting himself be swallowed by the strong personalities in the group (I even forgot about him when looking for pictures for this -_-), and I hope he can stand out in future promotions.

U-Kwon, U-Kwon, U-Kwon. His fans may hate me for this, but I have to say it. He is the creeper of the group! In “난리나 (Nanrina)” I kept seeing him over the members’ shoulders with his “trying to be tough look” and it was complete turn off. I am really bothered by him right now. I won’t deny he can sing, but he kind of fades with Taeil. I really do hope he develops more of an image for himself.

The Music

One of the things I love about Block B is that they are able to fight off what I like to call “Title Syndome,” which plagues quite a few Kpop acts.

**Title Syndrome: When an artist’s title songs are usually the only good song from their albums.

New Kids on the Block (June, 2011)

They were not able to make that big a mark, I feel because their title song “그대로 멈춰라! (Freeze!)” which banned by the Commission of Youth Protection for being too “sexy”. For these promotions Jaehyo and Zico probably got the most attention because Jaehyo was catching eyes on variety programs, while soon after their debut Zico was joining 4minute’s Hyun Ah on stage for her promotions for “Just Follow.”

I loved EVERY last song on this album. I am not a music expert by any means but I know good music when I hear it. They were able to distance themselves, and stand out from all the boy bands that were coming out of the woodworks at the time. I don’t care what anyone says about this album you cannot deny them.

Welcome To The BLOCK (February, 2012)

With this album Block B once again overcame “Title Syndome.” They blew me away with “LOL,” and I was super pissed when it announced that The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and KBS banned it along with “했어 안했어? (Did You or Did You Not?).” “난리나 (Nanrina)” is in my opinion their best song to date, and it really put them on the map, and got them noticed. Had it not been for the controversy with Thailand they may have even won an music program award (mutizen).

눈감아줄께 (Close Your Eyes) (Single)

This was the single from their 3rd mini album “Welcome to the BLOCK (Repackage).” It was the 1st song they released after getting through their controversy and they KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! It was a calmer side of Block B that fans hadn’t seen yet, and they showed that they can still hold there own with a ballad type song. This song just gave me more of a reasons to love them, and I was disappointed they didn’t perform it at least once.


Block B is a group that has really raised the bar for rookies. They have been able to create an image all there own among the many Kpop acts they have to compete with, and they have show real potential to be leaders in the Hallyu Wave.

Share your feels!

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