New Couples!!

Two new celebrity couples have been confirmed! They got close on the set of “If Tomorrow Comes.”

Actress Seo Woo and Actor In Kyo Jin have been confirmed to be dating by their companies.

Seo Woo’s agency:

“Seo Woo and In Kyo Jin are getting to know one another. It hasn’t been too long since they started dating.”

In Kyo Jin’s agency:

They are currently getting to know each other. It’s been about a month… It seems after frequently seeing each other through various meetings for ‘If Tomorrow Comes’, they started to develop feelings for one another.”

Also Actors Son Eun Seo and Choi Jin Hyuk have been confirmed to be dating. They met on the set of  SBS “My Daughter the Flower”

An industry rep had this to say:

The two started to become interested in each other while filming for the drama, and their relationship naturally progressed into a romantic one. Choi Jin Hyuk fell in love with Son Eun Seo’s casual and good-tempered nature, and they’re currently dating….Like any other lovely couple, Son Eun Seo was in Choi Jin Hyuk’s arms as they walked through Garosugil on a date. Though they both wore casual clothing and baseball caps, [people still noticed them immediately].”

Lots of love in the air for celebrities! Maybe we will be hearing about more couples soon.

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