Junyoung Sheds Tears at ZE:A’s Showcase

ZE:A’ s leader, Junyoung, recently injured his ankle causing the group to delay their comeback. At their showcase he was unable to participate in the dance numbers as a result, and during one of their ballads he started to cry due to disappointment. After the showcase he tweeted about his condition:

“Honestly it was a bit difficult. I didn’t know I would have to do receive surgery again. I have metal pins in my leg and I was afraid I wouldn’t walk again and the pain was sometimes so bad I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’m so sorry for telling you I’m fine now ^^.”

 “I will work to recover quickly. I want to dance again, and with the rain yesterday and being unable to perform in Busan and seeing the fans in Daegu who came from far away, the difficult time I endured suddenly all came into my mind. Seeing the fans cry too made me unable to stop my tears. I’m really fine. I’m recovering. I’m truly thankful and sorry and I’m thankful for all your energy. I, and the rest of our members, love you guys.” 

ZE:A will be coming back on July 4th. Check back for info on ZE:A’s comeback and follow Asia 24/7’s countdown on the homepage.

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