Review: “La Di Da Di”

Song: La Di Da Di

Artist: Cross Gene

Let me start by explaining the meaning of their group name. Cross Gene is supposed to stand for “Cross the superior genes of each country to create the perfect group.” Which means since this is a multi-cultural group they took they best aspects of each country that members come from to create a group that stands out from the rest. With a name and concept like that I expected a lot from this group.

The Choreography

Okay, I understand they were trying to be original with the seated choreography but it was so random, and awkward to me. It didn’t really do anything for the video it seemed almost lazy.

The “10 Arm” move was another example of the awkward, and stiff choreography. I expected to see some charisma from the person in front but it was just another awkward moment.

They should take notes from 2ne1’s Dara.

The Song

I kind of like the song, not all of it though. I think my favorite part of this song was the climb or the pre-chorus (the part that starts “Don’t stop….something). The song was not anything amazing, or out of the box. It was catchy but it’s not something I can listen to after I finish this review.

The English

OMG! the L in “La Di Da Di” was pronounce R throughout the entire song! Let me just say this I know that technically there is no R or L in the Korean language however, artists say the work ‘love’ in english ALL THE TIME, and if they can pronounce the L in love they can say the L in “La Di Da Di!”

Though I liked the pre-chorus, the english was so slurred! I am assuming he said “Don’t stop feeling the music, don’t stop moving your body” but it sounded like he said “Don’t stop speeding the music.”

The english in the other parts of the song are not any better, but I am really annoyed with the fact that they mispronounced the title of their song.

The Video/Concept

It was not very original. There was nothing that WOWed me. It was just a bunch of sets that didn’t seem to have a connection. The member in front of a bunch of mikes reminded me Miryo in of Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense.”

If I could find an official statement that explained the concept of Cross Gene’s MV, maybe then I could change my critique of it but for now it was unclear, boring, and unimaginative.

The Wardrobe

The wardrobe for this MV had a lot of borrowed looks.

1. 2ne1 “I Am The Best”

The boys of Cross Gene are all wearing the male version of 2ne1’s outfits from their “I Am the Best” promotions.

2. 2pm “Heartbeat”

The lace suits reminiscent of 2pm’s “Heartbeat” promotions.

3. Seung Ri “VVIP”

The suit jackets the members wore individually and for the seated dance reminded me of the jacket Seung Ri wore in “VVIP” as well as the MV as a whole.

4. JYP “You’re The One”

Lastly the pink and purple suits Cross Gene wore,with the ‘everything the same color’ styling really reminded me of JYP’s “You’re The One” promotions.

Overall I rate this 1.5/5

I give them credit for trying to be original in their choreography, and that some of their song is actually good. However, I cannot stand the fan that so much of their video seems borrowed, The overall lack of originality is the worst part of this video.

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