Ji Hyun Woo’s Love Confession to Yoo In Na

On June 7th the “Queen In Hyun’s Man” production team held a special fan meeting for the ending of “Queen In Hyun’s Man.” Actor Ji Hyun Woo made a few confessions. First he talked about his inability to cry during episode 14 when his character had to confess to Yoo In Na and the filming had to be paused for him to get control.

“I am really thankful to In Na. While we were filming the drama, there was a scene where my character had to confess my love to her character but it had to be done while my character cried. The timing to cry and talk at the same time was too difficult for me, so as I went to go take a break. “Yoo In Na came to me and put her earphone in my ear to let me hear the drama OST. At that moment, I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.” 

Then actor Ji Hyun Woo decided to share with fans about his true feeling about his co-star Yoo In Na and confessed:

 “I want to become honest. Our drama’s charm is to make you lose your mind, and tonight, I’m going to say something that’ll make you lose your mind. I love Yoo In Na.” 

Yoo In Na responded:

“It seems that after [the fan meeting], we should have a serious talk.”

The production crew revealed it was not planned, and after the confession the an meeting was cut short. It was also revealed that Ji Hyun Woo would come to set to help even when his parts were finished.

On June 9th YG released a statement about the whole controversy with Ji Hyun Woo’s love confession:

“It looks like Ji Hyun Woo made a rather rash statement,” YG carefully announced. “After discussion, it was decided that it would be best to not release an official statement on our position.”

Later it was revealed to fan that Ji Hyun Woo will be enlisting in the army on July 3rd.

Ji Hyun Woo will be enlisting on July 3rdJi Hyun Woo received a draft notice while filming ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man’. Although he could have announced his enlistment earlier, Ji Hyun Woo wanted to be fully commited to the drama filming, which is why we have now made this announcement.”

His agency, Paramount Music, says that he received notice during filming of the drama but the timing is very convenient…

What do you think about the buzz over Ji Hyun Woo’s sudden love confession?

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