Star Kitchen: Eli & AJ’s Pancakes

Eli, AJ & Kevin appeared on KBS’s Star Kitchen where Eli and AJ made korean pancakes. Watch the boys roll up their sleeves in the kitchen, and even copy their recipes to make at home.

1) Mix diced chives, green onion, squid, prawn, onion, garlic, green chili, carrots, and seasoned flour (flour with salt and pepper) in a big bowl
2) Add raw egg to the mixture
3) Mix the ingredients well
4) Heat up a frying pan with oil and flatten out the mixture (about 1/2 thick)
5) Add uncut green onions, chives, clams, and squid on top of pancake.
6) Whisk a raw egg in a bowl, then pour it over the pancake
7) Cook until golden brown

1) Dice a cup of fermented kimchi, then add diced onions, a pinch of sugar, raw egg, and seasoned flour (flour with salt and pepper). Mix all the ingredients together.
2) If you need to thin out the mixture a little bit to make it easier to mix, add a little bit of water.
3) Heat up frying pan with oil on high heat, then once the mixture is placed on the pan, lower the heat.
4) Cook until golden brown and the edges of the pancake are crispy.

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