Meet: Dal★Shabet’s New Member, Wohee

As you know Dal★Shabet’s leader Viki has departed from the group to pursue a solo career. Now Happy Face Entertainment has released photos of Dal★Shabet’s newest member, Woohee. Fan will get to see her debut on June 7th (6th US) when Dal★Shabet releases their 1st full album.

Happy Face released this statement:

New member Woohee will be filling the shoes of member Viki who is unfortunately leaving the group to pursue her solo activities. Woohee has been a Happy Face Entertainment trainee, and she has been hand selected as her image pairs well with the groupWoohee was born in 1991, and is the same age as members Ahyoung and JiyulShe is currently a Broadcast Entertainment major at Dongah Institute of Media and Art, and she has been dreaming of being a singer, spending many years as a trainee. She is a talented new member, possessing outstanding singing and dancing abilities.”

Woohee had this to say:

I’m so excited to be joining Dal Shabet, a girl group that I have always really liked, but I am also worried because I am not sure if I will be able to effectively fill the shoes of Viki unni. Thank you to Serri unni and the other members who are always so good to me, making me feel so comfortable. I will work harder as I am a member that joined after the official debut, and I hope that everyone will look forward to my addition.”

Follow Asia 24/7’s countdown to Dal★Shabet’s comeback on the homepage.

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