RIDICULOUS Request to Ban Baek Ji Young’s “Good Boy”

A group called “Men’s Rights Group” has requested a ban on Baek Ji Young’s “Good Boy.” They had this to say on Twitter:

Baek Ji Young’s “Good Boy” belittles all men, comparing the relationship with a man to a relationship between a dog and it’s owner.”

The song is about an older woman who is training the younger man she is in a relationship withThe way the man talks back to the woman is described as ‘barking’, and ‘biting the owner’.”

The MV itself even reveals a dog, giving the idea that men are treated as obedient dogsYoung men that listen to them obediently as well as dogs may be the fantasy of old women out there who dream of zooerastia, but normal, healthy men feel absolutely offended by songs like these. Even during a time where men ruled the world, men never treated women like dogs.”

A rep for Baek Ji Young had this to say:

It is just a witty simile to describe the ‘bad guys’, it wasn’t meant to be offensive or belittling to men in any way.

It just keeps getting more and more ridiculous with how it seems every time an artist tries to express themselves in a new way, someone or some group comes and says “Oh no! Get back in line you can’t be original!”  All I have to say is a man was featured on the song, if it was so offensive and belittling why would he take part in it?

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