Korea Times Reports That Hallyu Wave Won’t Last

In a recently article from Korea Times, “’Hallyu’ Korean wave, will not last 5 years,” experts talk about why foreigners will not be interested in the Hallyu Wave in 5 years. Out of 3,600 foreigners in the US, France, Japan, China, Thailand, and more, 60% said they don’t see the crazy for Korean Music lasting. What’s the reason? The lack of originality.

“Hypersexual dancing, lyrics and clothing are common among K-pop ‘idols,’ and teen singers. Korean drama series repeatedly revisit topics such as adulterous affairs, revenge and secrets surrounding the birth or identity of characters, making it difficult to move increasingly desensitized audiences.”

I have to say I agree about the lack of originality. It has gotten to the point where I can guess exactly what is going to happen next in every drama I watch, and the story line gets dragged out to the last episode possible. With music the need to be sexy has gotten out of control not to mention the constant debuting of boy bands and girl groups at what seems like every other week. What do you think about the this idea that the Hallyu Wave won’t last longer than 5 years?

**to read article: Korea Times

4 thoughts on “Korea Times Reports That Hallyu Wave Won’t Last

  1. Yeah I have totally agree. There was a time when Hallyu was cool and new for a foreigner like me, but after 2-3 years of it, I’m pretty tired of it with a few exceptions. Girl groups have gotten a little too sexy, dramas too outlandish and so on. Kind of like the British Invasion in the 60’s I guess.

      1. Definitely predictable. It’s a good business model in many ways (something for future generations to study), but at the same time, I think it’s run its course. Not that KPop is going away, nor would I want it to, but I think it’s time they go back to the drawing board for a while. 🙂

      2. totally agree. Everyone is too focused on making 50 comebacks and doing promotions constantly that they’re not giving themselves time to get good ideas.

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