Songs For Your iPod: “고작 (Just)” & “주르륵 (Trickling)”

This weeks “Songs For Your iPod” is all about ballads. SG Wannabe and Monday Kiz are two of may favorite ballad groups!

Song: 니가 떠난 그날 (The Day You Left)

Artist: 먼데이키즈 (Monday Kiz)

Album: 3집 – Inside Story

This song was released and the album was released about a month before member Kim Min Soo died in motorcycle accident, which happened April 28, 2008.

The music video for this album was a trilogy which featured almost all the songs from the album. This was my favorite song from the album not only was it just a great song but the scene it came up in during the MV made me cry! I will definitely share the MV in the Music Video Corner soon.



Song: 고작 (Just)

Artist: SG워너비 (SG Wannabe)

Album: SG Wannabe 7 Part.2

This album was one of the last albums released before member Yong Jun went to serve military time.

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