Ooh La La Session’s Im Yun Taek Talks About His Stomach Cancer

I didn’t know that Im Yun Taek of Ooh La La Session had stomach cancer until I read an article about him talking about it at his groups recent press conference. For those of you like me who didn’t know Im Yun Taek has stage 4 stomach cancer. He was asked about his healthy and replied

 “Let me ask you. Do you want an honest answer?…With a stage four stomach cancer, there is no getting better or worse. There is a misconception that people have of cancer, but if cancer patients eat only greens, they’ll die. They need to have a lot of protein, so they have to eat a lot of meat…There are many kinds of medicine, and if I only take one kind, I’ll build a tolerance for it. After eating that medicine, I’ll eat another kind, and after I’ve finished all of them off, there is no more treatment. Once during Super Star K3, I went to the hospital with my manager and he started crying. For stage 4 stomach cancer, I have to take a CT scan every eight weeks and go through chemotherapy every two weeks.” 

He was then asked about the side effects of his medicine:

 “People ask me why my hair hasn′t fallen out, but the side effects of the medicine I’m taking right now are skin trouble, bloody noses, and hand spasms. But health is just the same. Even a person who’s not sick doesn’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, and it’ll just be burdensome to worry about that. I had a bloody nose yesterday, but my health is just the same. I’m just watching to see what’ll happen….There’s been a lot of difficulties between my broadcast schedules and chemotherapy sessions, but everyone’s been really nice about it. I give my doctor my broadcast schedule and we plan my chemotherapy sessions around it.” He added, “There will be times on Immortal Song 2 where I won’t be able to perform, but instead have a talk with anchor Jun Hyun Moo and Mun Hee Jun. It’s very unfortunate, but I have to receive chemotherapy every two weeks, so it’ll just have to do.” 

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