Norazo’s “여자사람 (Woman Person)” Written by 8 Year Old?

It was revealed by Norazo’s label, Winning Insight, that their latest song “여자사람 (Woman Person)” was inspired by the son of Lee Young Joon, who wrote their song “슈퍼맨 (Superman)”, 8 year old Lee Jung In. Winning Insight released this statement:

“The lyrics were created by a story student Lee Jung In told after seeing the moon and the stars. The child’s innocence has given life to the song’s merits.” 

4 thoughts on “Norazo’s “여자사람 (Woman Person)” Written by 8 Year Old?

  1. No no no .. I think it was inspired by the story of an 8 year old..not written by an 8 year old..

      1. When I read back what I wrote earlier, I sounds angry..I should have written it better too..because I’m not going agaist you or anything..I’m sorry. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to Norazo; Lee Hyuk’s voice is amazing! Now there’s 3 korean voices I love, Norazo, Davichi and Daesung of Big Bang. ^.^

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