Fans Are Upset Over The Punishments on “Invincible Youth”

Fans of the show, “Invincible Youth” are angry over the way guests are treated. They are particularly upset with the use of salt and chili pepper for punishment, which SNSD’s Sunny, and SIstar’s Bora got hit in the face with for failing their mission. Fans also disliked the use of the cow punishment which shocked C.N Blue’s Jong Shin, and caused Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha to cry. Fans had this to say:

“What if the chili pepper went into their eyes? They could have gone blind”

“It was really uncomfortable to watch with my kids on Children’s Day.” 

The “Invincible Youth” staff released this statement:

“We will not be using chili pepper or salt as punishments anymore. These were things the staff failed to notice when discussing it. We will try our best to think of ideas that are comedic but not brutal in the future.” 

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