Tablo’s Education Controversy on WIRED

Online magazine, WIRED, wrote an article covering the controversy that has been surrounding Tablo about his education at Stanford University. There were a lot of arguments in the comments about this issue. I must say that people need to LEAVE TABLO ALONE! He didn’t need to but he proved his educational background, but this whole situation didn’t need to happen. Why did he have to prove where he went to school why was this an issue, I was so shocked at how big and out of control it got. but what was scarier was the reaction, people just jumped on him, and gave him hate without any reason. After watching the YG Special on Strong Heart I could see more than ever how hur he was by the accusations. I am a huge Tablo fan, and always have been, and I hope Tablo will move beyond and above this and I can’t wait to hear more music from him. FIGHTING!


To read the article: Tablo


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