E.Via to Return with “eviagradation Part 1. (Black & Red)”

E.Via known as the female version of Outsider for being the fastest female rapper in Korea will be making a comeback on April 26th (25th for US) with mini album “eviagradation Part 1. (Black & Red).” Look below for her tracklist. It seems she is keeping her features a secret:

01. And So I Died (Feat. ??)
02. Insane Fate (Feat. ???????)
03. Monologue (Interlude)
04. A Rose that Blossoms at Night (Feat. ??)
05. Heartbeat (Outro)
06. Insane Fate (Instrumental)
07. A Rose that Blossoms at Night (Instrumental)

Watch her teaser:

Dline Entertainment released this statement:

e.via has had a bright, cheery concept in the past, but this time around, she’ll be returning with a completely different image as well as music style. You’ll be able to see a more mature e.via in this album.”

Who else is excited to hear E.Via’s comeback album? Follow Asia 24/7’s countdown on the homepage, and check back for her release.


2 thoughts on “E.Via to Return with “eviagradation Part 1. (Black & Red)”

  1. Now that E.via has left D-Line Media. Maybe she will get some decent exposure now with a better agency. She should sign with YG as at least they don’t screw their artists over. Love the stage name change as well to Tymee. Probably a good move considering to separate herself from her former label. It is really crappy they didn’t pay her worth crap. Hell a store clerk would have made more lol. Unacceptable and frankly Tymee is to damn good to stay in the shadows forever. 🙂

    1. I hope wherever she signs to next will give her some GOOD music. this album was disappointing, and we never got to hear part 2. I really want her to go to Jungle or TS, YG maybe.

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