Core Contents Media’s New Girl Group’s Name is….

“Gang Kids.”

A while back the members of T-ara had asked fans to give the girl group a name, and after getting ideas from 37, 500 fans they CCM decided on the name “Gang Kids” to represent “cute bad girls.” Members include: Hwang Ji Hyun, Choi Soo Eun, Esther, Lee Hae In, Kim Hye Ji, Somin, and Jo Eun Byul.

The members of Gang Kids went on a 8 nights 9 days trip to Europe to film their music video with the T-ara members, and will debut in May. T-ara released this statement:

“Thank you for all the people who participated in the contest.”

Gang Kids released this statement:

“We will work hard to pay back everyone for the love they’ve given us.”

**Also 10 of the people who submitted ideas got an autographed photobook, “Best of Best.”

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