JYP Gives Fans Info on Comeback & Hints at a 2pm Summer Comeback

On Twitter and me2day JYP left a message for fans about his upcoming album:

Wonder Girls‘ US album is finished and their Korean album title track has been unanimously passed! It’s been hard waiting for 2PM in the fall huh?  I’ve prepared a surprise present for the summer~ ^^ Now that I’ve finished work for the first half of the year, I’ll be spending one month with my lovely fans~♥

Everyone, I will be returning as a singer after 2 years. The album is called, ‘Spring. Five Songs I’m Sending to a New Love‘. At midnight on April 22nd, I’ll be releasing my duet song with a female singer, In the Arms of Someone Else‘. At midnight on the 29th, I’ll be releasing a love story about a flashy-looking male celebrity and a normal girl, ‘Only You‘. I’m so nervous… hehe.

Also he Tweeted:

After finishing Wonder Girls US album finally finished the Wonder girls Korean 1st single! Also a quick surprise for 2PM fans this summer~!

Who else is excited for JYP’s return? Follow the countdowns on the homepage, and check back for more on his comeback.

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