“Shadow” Not postponed, but CANCELLED!!!!

The Boss who was supposed to make a comeback on April 17th, has now cancelled the release of their album “Shadow” due to the OWE controversy. Fans are wondering why their activities are being cancelled when the controversy has nothing to do with them.

Also OWE released an official apology:

First and foremost, we are deeply remorseful for having subjected everyone to immeasurable disappointment, and causing anxiety and concern through this shameful incident. We bow our heads to offer our deepest apologies, and once again apologize as this public announcement is long overdueWe would like to inform you that what is being reported in the media regarding the involvement of celebrities under our agency is false. Our Open World Entertainment artists who are not linked to the original incident have been deeply hurt by this, as the media mass reported the stories before they have been completely confirmed. We earnestly ask you to refrain from writing speculative articles in the future, in order to prevent all of our label celebrities from experiencing backlash by simply being under the same label. Once again, we bow our heads and offer our most deepest apologies for causing everyone to be concerned over this disgraceful incident.”

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