Fashionista Showdown: Female Edition

After watching an episode of “Fashion Police” I thought to do a Fashion Showdown with Kpop’s biggest fashionistas. I am going to do this tournament style so vote for who you think is Korea’s biggest and best fashionista, so they can move on to the next round.

Round 1:


Seo In Young vs. Son Dambi

Its the battle of the Queen Bees. Seo In Young, Queen of the Stage, and Son Dambi, Queen of Dance face off first for the title of Best Kpop Fashionista.


Lee Hyori vs. CL

Next up is an intense battle between two masters of stage presence and charisma. CL and Lee Hyori face off to see who has the best style.


Yoon Eun Hye vs. Yoona

Yoon Eun Hye, the CF Queen and master of multiple domains goes up against up and coming princess of the stage and small screen, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona to be the better fashionista.

Who do you want to win? Who do you think has the best style? Vote and watch your choice move on to the final round.

Share your feels!

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