4minute: Meaning of “Volume Up”


So Cube Entertainment has released an official statement about the meaning of 4minute’s new song “Volume Up.” Apparently it is supposed talk about the hateful comments that girl groups get online. Cube Entertainment had this to say:

‘Volume Up’ is about how girl groups face a lot of criticism and hateful comments online. The members having horrifying creatures such as the snake and the skull wrapped around themselves signifies that the girls despite receiving criticisms will ambitiously work hard to achieve success.

One of the Lyrics:

“At first you, who couldn’t take your eyes off me, now you call me easy behind my back, I’m going crazy, now they say I’m done, now there’s no place for me.”

I can’t be the only person who thinks this song is in reference to all the comments about Hyun Ah over sexing it up in her videos, and not about all girl groups. However if I do go along with this meaning, the lyrics don’t say that at all. It sounds more like the person is talking to a boyfriend who wants nothing to do with them anymore (Am I wrong?). I feel like if fans are saying they are tired of the over sexying, then chill with the over sexying, but what do I know? What do you think? Comment below.

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