After School: Getting a New Member In May

Pledis announced that After School will be adding a new member:


“Hello all PLAYGIRLZ, this is Pledis.

Girl group After School debuted in 2009, and has constantly put on fierce performances, developing and growing as a group with the addition of UEEYiyoung, and as sub unit Orange Caramel.

With each new member, After School displayed various different appeals and did not fall short of our expectations of them.

This coming May, After School will be welcoming a new member. Detailed information will be revealed tomorrow morning at 7AM through media outlets.

But as a way to thank PLAYGIRLZ for all of your continuous love and support, we wanted to make sure we broke the news to you first before it was released in the media.

We hope that you will warmly welcome our newest member who will be attempting her newest challenge as a member of After School, and we hope that you will look forward to a new and transformed After School.

We Pledis will work hard so that the girls will be strengthened by your love, consistently showing improvement as artists.

Thank you.


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