What The Hell Is Going On In “MAMA”?

Let me start by saying I was totally weirded out by this:

Why did they paint Kai and Xiu Min’s face like that? Kai has EXO FROM on his face, and EXOPLANT 2012 and his member’s names on his chest. It really threw me off.

The Introduction

HOW ANNOYING! I personally feel like an introduction should be just as entertaining as the MV, but like 5 seconds into it I had to skip, the 1 MUNUTE AND 25 SECOND intro, and just get right into the nitty gritty.

The Concept

I cannot for the life of my figure out the concept for this video, all I know is I get a similar vibe as “History”. I must say this MV is ALL over the place. I feel like they were trying to do so many different things. We see people just vanish into thin air, and a butterfly flying from member to member, and a scorpion, and one of the members sucking lightning into his hand from the ground (cause lighting comes from the ground) and then we see one of the members bring a flower back to life, another makes fire come out of their hand, another controls orbs of water, another jumps off a roof and then shoots into the sky, another burns a feather, another has fire wings, another throughs water at a mirror. I mean of course I am talking about both the Chinese and Korean MV but still each individual MV is all over the place.

The Monk Outfits

I guess this is just another example of the concept being all over the place. The whole song kind of went in and out of sounded like monks chanting but the monk costumes were still weird to me.

The Ads

I know its not part of MV really but this thing that SM is doing where they add advertisements right into their MV is so annoying and so distracting!

**I overall kind of liked the song, and videos. I don’t want to rank it but I couldn’t be the only person thrown off by this MV. Tell me what you thought of the video, if you haven’t seen it you can download it at: the Music Video Corner or watch them here: EXO

3 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Going On In “MAMA”?

  1. Well,there’s a deep concept behind this Mv. I research on the net that there are a lot of symbolism use on the Mv [I’m not sure if it’s an Illuminati concept],for example,the monarch butterfly that Tao used.But I like this music video because of the message,and of course…THE EFFECTS! ):D

  2. I love the MV. The face/neck painting is a bit scary, but I get the concept. Each member is showing his “power”. I can’t get over how good the dancing is. Love, love, love!

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