Park Han Byul: Gets Angry Over Ridiculous Rumors About Her and Se7en’s Relationship

In response to a recent rumor that Park Han Byul and Se7en have broken up but are only pretending for cameras because Se7en has lost so much because of the relationship, Park Han Byul has taken to Twitter to release her frustration and stress:

It is nonsense, I cannot understand this rumor.  Even still there are people that are ruining my image and there are those who believe the rumors and are making me out to be a person that I am not.”

Do people who like rumors want to know who I really am?  Or do they want to make me into someone they want me to be?  Or do they just like putting people down?  If it is not that, do they simply want to hurt me?  Do they not want to see me happy?

You know that those who say kind things live a happier life, then those who hurt others by trying to fill their own happiness right?


I totally understand her frustration. For her to constantly hear that Se7en, who she has been with for 10 years, is only with her because he ruined his career her, must be so aggravating. Good for her for putting her foot down.


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