Various: Dazed & Confused February, 2012

Min Hyo Rin (Actress/Singer), Lee Kyu Han (Actor), Jang Yoon Ju (Model), Ji Yeon (Singer, T-ara), ALi (Singer), Song Joong Ki (Actor), Jo Yeo Jung (Actress), Nell (Group), Sung Si Kyung (Singer), Kim Hyo Jin (Actress), Jeon Do Yeon (Actress), Yoo Ji Tae (Actor/Model/Director), Kim Hee Sun (Actress), Lee Eun Gyeol (Magician), Choi Bul Am (Actor), Teruo Nakamura (Musician), Park Ye Jin (Actress), Park Jung Ah (Singer, former Jewelry/Actress), Kim Hyo Sun (Actress) & Sugar Pill (I am assuming a Group) came together for Dazed & Confused’s “Another Face, Another Dream” Campaign.

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