Big Bang has FINALLY released their album “Alive” and Music Video for “Bad Boy” as I said on FB that video may have been my happiest moment in my history as a VIP!!!!!!

Buy the Album for $11.99: Alive

01. Alive (Intro)

02. Blue

03. 사랑 먼지 (Love Dust)

04. Bad Boy

05. 재미없어 (Ain’t No Fun)

06. Fantastic Baby

07. 날개 (Wings) (Daesung Solo)

08. Blue (Instrumental)

09. Bad Boy (Instrumental)

10. Fantastic Baby (Instrumental)

I have English Translations for ALL SONGS!!!! I will fix them up with their parts included and Update Later:


8 thoughts on “Big Bang: ALIVE RELEASED!!!!! [UPDATED]

  1. thanks for replying but not completely missing several pages including the G-Dragon and Blue lyric, you could help me on this??

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